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Welcome To Neighborhood Light

  • Welcome to Neighborhood Light. 

    As you can see this website is under development. There are some powerful tools coming to assist you in reaching your neighbors for Christ. While the site is being built, please read the following and you can get started today!

    The desire of the entire Neighborhood Light team is for you to make your home a mission center shining the light and love of Jesus in your neighborhood.  

    You live where you do, not by accident, but by God's divine plan. He knows you can reach the people in your neighborhood, better than anyone else.  If you desire to move somewhere else and then move, see that as His plan for you to reach that neighborhood. He put the desire in your heart to move there for His purpose!

    Your mission includes preparing for this vital responsibility the Lord has entrusted you with! You will need to go through some basic training we call Personal Preparation.  It is vital to understand the foundational truths upon which we operate.  Failure to do so, creates chaos and confusion, just what Satan would like to hinder the fulfillment of our Lord's Great Commission!

    We want you to be equipped like a mechanic or surgeon. They have many tools at their disposal and they know how to use them. As you walk with the Lord and use the skills and tools you have plus what we provide, you will become like a skilled surgeon or mechanic in serving and reaching your neighbors for Christ.  

    He (The Lord) will guide you, give you discernment, solutions, direction, the power to use the tools and skills to most effectively reach your neighbors for Christ and train them to be obedient followers of Him!

    You might pray this today:

    "Lord Jesus, please fill me with your Spirit, and guide me in building a relationship with my neighbors. Please show me how to reach them for you!  I know each person and family is unique, so I really need you to do through me what you want to be done!  Here am I Lord! Use me to Your Glory! In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen!"