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How to respond to George Floyd's death and aftermath

  • Most of this I put on Facebook early this morning after I had seen the pics and video of George Floyd’s death. How wretched! I don’t believe our police are trained to endanger a person when stopped or arrested.  It is difficult to watch other officers not intervening.  

    It is gut-wrenching to see this, especially thinking, “what if it were my loved one?” If it were my son or daughter or family member, I think I would go crazy!  It is an affront to everything we believe and hold dear!


    Now, how should we respond?

    First, we need to pray for justice and those whose job is to bring justice! We need to pray for the family of the victim and the accused.  There are no winners here!

    Second, we need to pray for our men and women in blue! They are instruments in God’s hand for righteousness.  In the heat of the moment, even great officers can fail to do what’s right. There is something deeper taking place: Spiritual Warfare because Satan’s goal is to steal, kill and destroy! He will take advantage of a situation, therefore, it’s crucial we pray for the officers and the people they address.

    Third, we need to pray for those whom officers will be confronting. Several of my friends who are black tell me the instructions they give their kids, especially sons, like keep your hands on the steering wheel, have your license visible, be respectful, etc. They tell me of the fear they have of them getting stopped. Their greatest fear is they could die! 

    Fourth, we need to pray for a nationwide revival. A spiritual awakening, that turns millions to Christ!

    Fifth, we need to pray for the protesters. Many protest peacefully, but some use protest for evil, under the pretense of calling attention to an issue. Satan again will take advantage of a situation, using some of those protesting who love violence to steal, kill, and destroy!

    Sixth, we need to ensure there are laws in place that limit or restrict deadly holds or actions when not warranted.   There should also be a law that allows citizens to intervene if an officer is clearly endangering the life of a person in handcuffs. This of course is very delicate, because it could be abused.

    Seventh, we need to pray for the family and friends of George Floyd! They need our prayers for comfort, strength and wisdom.

    Eighth, we need to pray for the leaders to make wise decisions. 

    Ninth, we need to ask the Lord to give us divine appointments with individuals of other races, languages and beliefs. We need to listen, ask questions about beliefs, cultural ways of doing things, what families teach their kids, how long married, etc.  We all need friends who are different than we are!  When we do, we find we are more alike than different!!!

    Tenth, ask Jesus to fill us with His Spirit and to flood Minneapolis and other cities with His presence! Only Jesus can transform the mess in our hearts and country!