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Jesus, The Light of the World!

The Mission

The Mission of Neighborhood Light is to Glorify God by assisting the church train and equip Christians to reach and teach their neighbors to be obedient followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Services

Our Services

Here are three ways Neighborhood Light can help you!

How This Benefits

Provide A Strategy To Reach Neighbors

Neighborhood Light provides a strategy for Christians to reach their neighbors for Christ! This will enhance any ministry of a church!

Provide Practical Training

Neighborhood Light provides the training needed for Christians to reach their neighbors for Christ. There is basic training for all and elective training unique to each family.

Provide Resources

Neighborhood Light provides the resources needed. There will be over 300 resources available 24 hours a day.


Welcome from Steve Byrd

Welcome from Steve Byrd

Founder and President of Neighborhood Light
  • January 15, 2023
    Gene Grounds, a great friend, prayer partner, and gifted leader went home to be with The Lord yesterday.  Gene loved the Lord Jesus and served the Lord faithfully until Jesus said to come home!  I was privileged to work with Gene as ...