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Neighborhood Light

Benefits The Pastor

In The Following Ways


NL is a Calling, not a Program!

NL gives more time for Bible study and preparation to feed the church.

NL is relationship driven, not event-driven.

NL can be your family's ministry.

NL complements every church ministry. It does not conflict.

NL helps makes ministry significant by focusing on relationships.

NL supports the most effective local missions ministry, Christians reaching their neighbors.

NL helps meet a screaming need in our society for in-depth relationships.

NL helps reach the lost.

NL helps restore carnal Christians.

NL helps train children.

NL helps churches start churches.

NL helps Pastors reach the world without losing your family.

NL helps you the pastor model ministry to your church.

NL helps you the pastor get to know your neighbors and reach them for Christ!

NL can be a catalyst for a spiritual awakening beginning with Christians reaching their neighbors!


What you should do now? 

  1. Ask the Lord if He would have you reach your neighbors for Christ.
  2. Ask the Lord if He would have your members reach their neighbors for Christ.
  3. Look over the site, especially the Mission, Vision, and Benefits sections.
  4. Register you and your family
  5. When The Training Center is completed, we'll notify you, and you will be granted access. The Training Center has all the training videos, e-books, mind maps, PDFs, and social media links to communicate with others regarding all Seven Strategies.
  6. Please share your ideas and recommendations. 
  7. Most importantly…Pray!
  8. Psalms 37:4