Benefits for The Pastor



Neighborhood Light is a Calling, not a Program


Only believers who have been called by The Lord and who walk in His Spirit, will be able to do this ministry. Why?  Because this is an ongoing, week in and week out ministry. A calling doesn't have an end date!  It is a lifestyle! ​

We can help you as a pastor, because those called need to be trained, equipped and encouraged.  Neighborhood Light will provide the training, equipping, and encouragement.  You and your people will have 24 hour access to this website's resources, plus they can communicate with other believers on Neighborhood Light to share ideas and encourage one another.



Neighborhood Light


is not event driven,


but relationship driven!


Minimize or eliminate the need to plan another big event!.  The biggest event is for believer to be on their knees praying for their neighbors by name! What happens afterwards is truly amazing!  There will be many exciting stories of about divine appointments. It is exciting and rewarding!  Most of all, it brings Glory to The Lord!



Neighborhood Light


Can Be Your Family's Ministry


​​Neighborhood Light is an opportunity for you to...

  • pray for your neighbors by name with your wife and kids,
  • care and serve your friends as a family,
  • train your children how to care and serve others,
  • discover bridges to share Jesus and watch your wife and kids come up with great ideas, 
  • spend time with your family doing something significant, while 
  • training your children how to make disciples
  • By doing this as a family, you will set an example for your church!
  • Reach the world without losing your family!
  • Re-enforce your commitment to your wife and kids they are your first priority.
  • Practice what you preach about your people reaching the people where they live.  God planted you where you are for a reason.
  • Imagine, being about to share what you are doing as a family and model it so others can do the same!



Neighborhood Light complements


every church ministry!


It does not conflict!


Neighborhood Light compliments every ministry a church may have, because the focus is on equipping Christians to reach their neighbors for Christ. This will be a natural conduit for your church. This ministry is done through-out the week.    


Those who commit to reach their neighbors will decide what, when, where, how, why and who they reach, because they are using their home as a mission center for Christ! They will naturally bring people into your church.

Some may only pray, while others will be used by the Lord to comfort hurting neighbors, meet needs, share in the joys of life, host Bible studies and find ways to share the Good News of Jesus!  


Neighborhood Light


Makes Ministry Significant


Every Believer wants to hear Jesus approve of their life and ministry.

Every Pastor wants to do something significant, eternal and reproducible.  

Every Pastor has a struggle maintaining a balance in professional ministry, personal ministry, and time with family. Why reach the whole world and lose your family in the process? Make this a significant family ministry so you can look back without regrets and model for the church how to reach neighbors.

Faithful obedience to God's call in ministry is rich and rewarding.  Making disciples is putting into action what we preach! Training disciple makers fulfills II Timothy 2:2 and Matthew 28:18-20 and what better place to start than with the family. 



People are screaming for in-depth




The COVID-19 virus and lock down has make one thing abundantly clear…People need relationships with others to survive. It needs to be more than just family!  The screaming cry of people everywhere is for close relationships with others and with God!


We will train people how to walk with Christ, and how to build relationships with their neighbors.  The great thing about this is you as a pastor, will be free from having to plan another event!  


You and your family need to have people in your neighborhood you are building a relationship with.  They need to see and hear the struggles, victories, challenges and how The Lord helps you!  You also need them!



Keep The Main Thing...


The Main Thing!


Life is too busy! There are too many demands, not only on the Pastor and his family, but also on church members and their families.

There are events of all kinds, all the time. Some are good, some are needed, but many have replaced the primary focus of and mission of our churches...evangelism and discipleship.

How do we change this? By helping our people focus on the main thing, training and equipping them to keep life simple and do the main thing...evangelism and discipleship where they live!  We need to help people see God led them there for a a missionary in your neighborhood, to reach and teach your neighbors to be obedient followers of Jesus Christ!



The Most Effective


Local Missions Ministry


After 32 years of leading local missions Ministries at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Steve Byrd became convinced the most effective local missions ministry was to train Christians how to reach their neighborhood for Christ. 

If believers could get the names of their neighbors, pray for them, build a relationship with them, and learn how to care for them, they would have opportunities to share Jesus and make disciples. 

They would also encounter every type of ministry issue and need pastors face daily.  They would also encounter people from other nationalities, races, languages, beliefs and interest.

Believers want their lives to count! They want to have a significant impact for Christ! They just do not know how or are afraid to try or are too busy with events to actually impact their neighbors.

What if we could do as one pastor said about a lady who was wheelchair bound, yet she filled buses with people to take to church. When asked what they did. Wally Beebe said, “all we do is, plug her in, charge her up, turn her on and turn her loose!" 

Neighborhood Light wants to help you do just that with the Christians in your flock! 



Reach The lost!


What better way to reach the lost in your community than through the families reaching  families! The problem is most families have no idea who their neighbors are. Neighborhood Light can change this.


If ten families reach just five families of two, that would be an additional 100 additional people! 


Each family participating in Neighborhood Light, will get the names of 100 of their closest neighbors. They will get five families a day for 20 days to pray for by name. They will also be given suggestions on what to pray and to begin praying for divine appointments.  


After praying for their neighbors by name and for divine appointments, what do they do next? 


This is where Neighborhood Light shines! 


Neighborhood Light provides the training in how to identify the divine appointments, specific steps and strategies to take to build those relationships, and then how to share Jesus and disciple those who trust in Christ. 

Teaching Christians they live where they do, not just by their choice, but by God 's plan, can help them make their home a mission center for Christ in their neighborhood.  The founder, Steve Byrd, likes to call these people Neighborhood Light Missionaries.


If all they do is to pray for their neighbors by name, they are making a difference!  

But, Neighborhood Light will train what to do after praying, so people can hear the Gospel, be saved, baptized and become a disciple of Jesus. 



Our Nation Needs


A Spiritual Revival!


What better way to start a revival than Christians earnestly praying for their neighbors?  Many Christians are lukewarm! The Lord wants to set them on fire for Him!  Neighborhood Light has a strategy to get people praying mustard seed prayers that can move mountains in their lives!


What greater impact can Christians have than praying for their neighbors and finding ways to share Christ. Neighborhood Light has the strategy to accomplish this beginning today!



What you should do now?


  1. Ask the Lord if He would have you reach your neighbors for Christ.
  2. Ask the Lord if He would have your members reach their neighbors for Christ.
  3. Look over the site, especially the Mission, Vision and Benefits section.
  4. Register you and your family
  5. Once registered, you will be granted access to the members area. The members area has all the training videos, e-books, mind maps, PDF’s, social media links to communicate with others regarding all 7 strategies.
  6. Your cost as a pastor is free.
  7. You will have ideas, see areas needing improvement, so please let us know.
  8. Most importantly…Pray!
  9. Psalms 37:4