Neighborhood Light 


Benefits Individuals and Families



Gives the family a mission​


Strengthens a family as they pray for others


Fills a need to do something significant


Fills a need to do something eternal


Fills a need to make a difference in their neighborhood


Fills a need to be obedient to Jesus to make disciples


Fills a need for doing things together as a family


Helps each person to become an obedient disciple of Jesus


Provides a way for parents to teach missions to their children


Provides a way for families to reach the world from their home


Provides a way to Glorify God in their neighborhood


Provides a way to break down barriers with neighbors


Provides a way for families to build relationships with neighbors


Provides a way to fulfill Matthew 28:18-20


Provides a way to train children and neighbors to be disciple makers


Provides a way for pew warmers to get on fire for Jesus


Shows we live where we do as part of God's plan


Shows clear, simple action steps to have a very dynamic ministry that impacts the lives of neighbors for eternity



Neighborhood Light, Inc.

A Non-Profit Organization


Carrollton, TX, USA